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Our coffee business starts from the source, which are the coffee farmers. 

The ability to produce our own green coffee beans avoids us to be dependant on coffee broker and with our own roasting facility we can be creative in coffee production.


By nurturing a traceable source since 2011 and by having built this solid supply chain we are able to maintain high quality coffee and create your custom roasted coffee.

All coffee could come with your private label.


Our greatest desire is to support our local farmers with the vision:

“The hardworking farmer should be the first to receive a share of the crops.”



The hardworking farmer should be the first to receive a share of the crops.


Since we have the source of the coffee, which is the coffee farmers, it is our desire and mission to be able to give them back, what they deserve.

In coffee business it is a sad and unfortunate fact, that the one who works at most, gets the least. The farmers are pressed with cheap price and sales uncertainity. The reason is simple, it is because the price of raw coffee or greenbean goes up and down.


The sales price of roasted coffee is constant from time to time. Therefore the purchase price of the red coffee cherries are constant as well. This benefits the farmers because they can plan the coffee farming and coffee sales of their red cherries to Global Coffee Source with certainty.



To produce specialty, premium and custom roasted coffee with consistency in quality.



To increase the welfare of coffee farmers with planned programs.


The office of PT. Global Nusantara Makmur is located in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. 

Indonesian roasted Coffee, Premium Coffee, Specialty Coffee, OEM Roasted Coffee

Registered office in World Trade Centre 5

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