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Indonesian roasted Coffee, Premium Coffee, Specialty Coffee, OEM Roasted Coffee
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Never say "Take it or leave it" to your client

Halal certificate


All our products are halal certified by the Indonesian Ulema Council since Desember 2014 under number 01161119761114.

Absolute coffee


We commit ourselves to roast only 100% pure coffee.


After roasting, we do not use any roasting enhancers such as butter and any additives like flavour boosters, or mixed with cereal.

It is simply 100% pure Indonesian roasted coffee. 

Personalise your own taste


Most of our clients would like to have roasted coffee with their own branding and their own desired taste.

We could not offer you our products with the attitude "Take it or leave it".


As a coffee grower, we have solid coffee knowledges from growing coffee trees, up to roasting the beans. With these skills, we are able to create custom blend for you.


Furthermore we offer also private label service to make it your own coffee.


Roasted Coffee Price List


Drop us an email and we will let you know about our prices.

Just please click the link above or go to contact form.

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