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Indonesian roasted Coffee, Premium Coffee, Specialty Coffee, OEM Roasted Coffee
It has begun
with the coffee farmers 

Coffee must and should be traceable.

Since 2011 we have established relationship with farmers.

From careful harvest to producing high quality green bean by its unique coffee processes we proudly present a full bodied cup with a long-lasting aftertaste of dark chocolate. 


The quality begins by possessing our own coffee plantation and our own network of dedicated farmers. The coffee cherries are processed also at our own green bean production place, in order to have high grade green beans. Finally the green beans are skilfully roasted. 





In Indonesian the collection of coffee cherries does not come from one single farmer or family. But it goes with cooperation of many small farmers. Specifically we have built this cooperation based on multi level connections. Therefore we put very high value on traceability.

Traceability is something rare; but we can provide it because we have sourced the beans from the farmers.

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