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The key to maintain quality is to maintain the source

Why choosing us?  Because we have 1, 2 and 3 in one place.


1. We have our own network of coffee farmers and our own plantation.

To produce and maintain high quality coffee we must work from the people who grow the coffee trees, from our own network of coffee farmers. Furthermore we also have our own coffee plantation to increase our research and development of growing coffee trees.


2. After harvesting red coffee cherries and collecting from our farmers, we process them to have our own green coffee beans at our facility.

Having our own green bean production facility make us superior in maintaining production quality and quantity. We do not depend on green bean suppliers.


3. Finally we roast the beans to produce our Specialty Arabica, our Premium Blend or the Custom Coffee at our own roasting facility.


The real objective is simple. It is to maintain coffee quality by having all chain supplies; and it starts from the source, which is the farmers.


Coffee farmers and coffee plantation 

The biggest advantage of having our own coffee plantation and our own network of coffee farmers is that we are not depending on green bean supplier to meet our standard in quality and in quantity.


This is the cutting edge of our coffee business. We produce our own green beans, and it starts from the coffee farmers and from the coffee plantation.


Our mission is to increase the welfare of these precious coffee farmers.

Full control of green bean production

High quality roasted beans come from high quality green beans. 


We control the whole production of the green beans because we are following the production from the red coffee cherries. We do not just buy ready-to-roast green beans from some supplier.


This is on the key to maintain quality and stability of our coffee.   

High quality roasting
and packaging

The skill of our roasters has been tried and mastered for years in order to deliver same quality.


The roasting machine uses high quality composite cast iron to have high emisivity. By having this, we can produce same batch quality in the morning roasting time or at evening, when we have one full day roasting time.


Furthermore we have our packaging team to deliver your beans to your doors. And this comes with private label service

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